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This video below is an outline of the deluxe package included with your order today. Please ensure your speakers are turned on for your listening convenience.

Product Listing

  • Securitization Audit Search Assistant Software $100 Value
  • Securitization Audit Processing Management Software $100 Value
  • Securitization Audit Professional Step by Step Educational Guide $60 Value
  • Securitization Audit Toolkit Great Value
  • Securitization Educational Guide $60 Value
  • + Covers FDIC securitization, commercial securitization, and more
  • Mers Audit Toolkit Great Value
  • Mers Educational Guide Great Value
  • Assignment of Mortgage Professional Guide $20 Value
  • Interest Refund Checker Software $100 Value
  • + Checks Interest Refunds Due Great Feature
  • + Checks Interest Charge Errors Great Feature
  • Mortgage Notes Educational Guide Great Value
  • Pooling & Servicing Agreement Educational Guide Great Value
  • Commercial Mortgage Backed Security Educational Guide Great Value
  • Mortgage Backed Securities & Mortgage Derivative Educational Guide
  • Securitization Audit Marketing Flyers Professional Templates $20 Value
  • Securitization Audit Professional Cold Calling Scripts $20 Value
  • Professional Website Templates Package $20 Value
  • Qualified Written Request Letter (Editable) Great Value
  • Loan Apr & Finance Compliance Auditor Software + Manual Great Value
  • Annual Percentage Yield Auditor Software + Manual Great Value
  • Tila Educational Guide Great Value
  • Respa Educational Guide Great Value
  • Mortgage Disclosures Educational Guide Great Value
  • Fair Lending Laws Audit Educational Guide Great Value
  • Real Estate Loans Educational Guide Great Value
  • Consumer Protection/Debt & Interest Collection Educational Guide Pro Value
  • Fair Credit Reporting Educational Guide Great Value
  • Forensic Loan Audit Software- Unlimited Reports Generated $300 Value
  • Forensic Loan Audit Training Guide Pro Value
  • Forensic Loan Audit Manual Pro Value
  • Forensic Loan Audit Editable Contract Pro Value
  • Forensic Loan Auditor Certification Certificate (Printable) Pro Value
  • Forensic Loan Audit Business Step by Step Guide Pro Value
  • Financial Services Business Step by Step Guide Pro Value
  • Professional Loan Modification Software $499 Value
  • Hamp Loan Mod Kit Pro Great Value
  • Avoid Foreclosure Guide Great Value
  • Stop Foreclosure Handbook Great Value
  • State Specific Foreclosure Laws Guide Great Value
  • Cancel Mortgage Forms Great Value
  • Commercial Loan Mod Management Software Pro Professional Value
  • Commercial Loan Mod Kit Pro Pro Value
  • Commercial Loan Mod Guide Pro Great Value
  • Commercial Loan Tool Great Value
  • Commercial Loan Contracts Great Value
  • Auto/Car Loan Mod Management Software Great Value
  • Professional Lead Finder Software Pro $499 Value
  • + Instantly Find FSBO Leads! (Nationwide) Great Value
  • + Instantly Find Real Estate Investment (Unlimited Leads) Great Value
  • Professional Credit Repair Client Manage Software Great Value
  • Debt Settlement Client Manage Software Great Value
  • Credit Repair Dispute Forms Pack Great Value
  • Npv Calculator Tool Great Value
  • Foreclosure Loss Tool Great Value
  • Real Estate Investing Tool Pro Value
  • Real Estate Investing Guide Pro Value
  • Rental Property Investing Pro Tool Great Value
  • Real Estate Professional Industry Forms & Contracts Database Pro Value
  • Short Sale Guide Pro Value
  • Lender Contact List Great Value
  • 2 Million Loan Mod Leads Database $100 Value
  • 4 Million Debt Client Leads Database $100 Value
  • 200,000 Bonus Mortgage Leads Database $50 Value
  • Free Tech Support Great Value
  • Free Lifetime Updates Great Value

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